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While researching my ancestry, I found and ordered a book from Eastern Digital Resources, back in July. I received the wrong book. In August, I e-mailed the company, and left a voice mail on the number given to me on my invoice. I received no response.

I found another number to call, and John Rigdon--apparently the sole owner and employee of Eastern Digital Resources--answered on what appears to be his personal phone. I explained my problem, and Mr. Rigdon promised to send me the correct book, along with a return envelope for the book I had received in error.

In October, I tried calling to get the status of the replacement book which I still hadn't received, but I got no response. I also e-mailed again, and again, got no response.

This month, I finally got a hold of Mr. Rigdon, and asked what the status of my book was. He told me he was binding the book at that moment, and he would mail it to me the following day. I left another e-mail after the call, asking that he e-mail me with the tracking number of my book, and explaining that I was beginning to question his business practices, but that an e-mail with this information would relieve my fears. I received no response.

This week, I again called Mr. Rigdon to ask about my book. He hung up on me. This time, I e-mailed him demanding the correct book or an immediate refund and letting him know that I would go to the police with this matter if he did not fulfill his end of the transaction. His responses that followed contained profanities and insults, and he has refused to refund my money until I return the incorrect book to him first. He has not further mentioned the correct book, so I can only assume that he lied when he said he was finishing binding it.

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What's going on.I just send in a comment and it resulted in identifying me to be from Wisconsin when I'm located in Washington State.

So much for accuracy.I never submitted my location in the first place.


I paid for a Book and the amount of the purchase was charges to my Debit Card. I have never received the Book and repeated communication with John Rigdon has not resulted in my receiving a refund/credit to my Credit Card Account. There has to be some authority that looks into so mamy complaints.


Guess I should have read the previous comments before I dealt with EDR/ResearchOnline.

I ordered the "Yankee Researcher Bundle CDs" @ $147.45. 3 CDs were defective; two were(warped) I was unable to read on my PC, but managed to read on my MacBook; another was readable, but noisy on both machines; and the third (American Civil War-Subset) was completely unreadable.

3 other CDs (Civil War Prisoners of War; Civial War Atlas; Memoirs-William Tecumseh Sherman) were unlabeled...VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Of course, I emailed sales@ResearchOnLine on 12/23/10 expressing my dissatisfaction with the CDs, and have yet to receive a response or call.

As if that wasn't enough, I ASSumed the Online Digital Library would give me more bang-for-my-buck. I submitted a PayPal payment of $99.95 for one year, on 1/5/11, and have yet to receive login credentials.

At this point, armed with the previous comments on EDR and my recent experiences, I plan on contacting PayPal and will file an IC3 complaint.


You might be able to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at

I too had problems with this business. They ignored my registered letter and paypal complaint.

I would advise anyone to not do business with them. I paid for online library service then learned that there was no fully active online library. For $17.95a month they expect you to send email requests for the information you need then wait a half hour to receive the information. After realizing the online library was not fully online I asked Eastern Digital to end my service. They ignored my requests and I had to call Paypal to resolve the problem of Eastern Digital making ongoing monthly automatic payments from my Pay pal account.

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